TCRE Partners

TCRE Partners is a Singapore-based Real Estate Investment firm. TCRE Partners is co-owned by Tower Capital Asia founder Danny Koh and the Yeo Family. The firm invests and manage capital for SWFs, pension funds, financial institutions and large family offices, and invest in select sectors of the market in key gateway cities of Asia.

Y Developments

Y Developments Private Limited is a real estate investment and holding company based in Singapore, and its principal shareholders are the Yeo Family. Y Developments has an extensive track record of real estate development and investment. The goal and mission of the company is the investment and creation of well-located real estate projects that tide through business cycles and sustainably thrive through the years.

The Architect Record

SCDA is a multi-disciplinary architectural practice established in Singapore, in 1995. It is recognised as one of the Design Vanguard firms by Architectural Record USA, for its achievements in redefining modern architecture. In 2003 and 2012, the firm was bestowed by the Royal Institute of British Architects its Worldwide Award, and subsequently also received the Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award on numerous occasions. SCDA’s designs strive for tranquillity and calmness qualified by space, light and structural order. Architectural expressions are distilled to capture the spiritual essence of place; the architecture and interiors are inspired by the cultural and climatic nuances of its context, integrating the elements – landscape, water, and blurring the distinction between the inside and the outside.

The Interior Architects

Brewin Design Office is a design firm based in Singapore and Jakarta, founded in 2012. The firm’s approach to design and craft is characterized by an artisanal and bespoke nature. Helmed by Robert Cheng, who spent his formative professional years at Tsao & McKown Architects and later relocated to Paris to join Atelier Jean Nouvel. Suying Metropolitan Studio was founded in 1999 and has since established itself as one of Singapore’s leading interior architectural design firms with a global footprint in eleven countries across three continents. Suying’s designs encapsulate the elements of style and understated elegance, a philosophy deeply rooted in the firm’s name.